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When you join Whiskey Stories VIP Club you get the following perks:
  1. Monthly email with whiskey investment tips on bottle/cask investments, mutual bonds and more. Our members have bought whiskies that have tripled, quadrupled and even increased 12X in price over the past 5 years!!
  2. Hot whiskey investment tips sent via email as we get them.
  3.  Booking a private Whiskey Stories luxury experience once a year with special rates. Please reach out to us at for these as we have changed some of policies.
  4. Booking 4 calls/year with Rachna Hukmani (our owner) to get advice on how build your whiskey collection and become a collector and so we can create your personalized investment portfolio for you. We highly encourage you reach out to us to book your first call soon after joining our VIP club. 
  5. 2 shopping trips per year with Rachna so she can help you grow your collection (consider Rachna your personal whiskey stylist!)
  6. Ask our help locating difficult to find whiskies (once per quarter). We also require advance notice of this. This is not something we can offering urgently in a matter of a few days (e.g. a last minute birthday or wedding present since we are not a gifting service).
  7. Reaching out to Rachna for advice on what whiskies and what Whiskey Stories whiskey based colognes to get as gifts for anyone! It’s a amazing pairing! 
  8. Travels! While we are still ironing out this perk, we will be working with out travel partner, The Nomad’s Direction, to organize whiskey related trips within the US and abroad. We will keep you posted on as this unfolds.
  9. Tips on when to sell the whiskies and help selling the whiskies acquired based on our tips/advice provided you get the bottles through us/our sources. 
  10. Storage of your whiskey/whisky investments. Currently we are not charging for the storage. Note these are long term investments which appreciate over the course of 1-2 years or more.  Please read member protocol below when acquiring whiskies through us as we do that for long term investment purposes for you. Please note that this transaction of acquiring whiskies through us is non refundable. 
  11. Note that when we help sell bottles acquired through us we take a 12% commission (which is lower than the 30-40% commission most other sources charge) and work to get you the best deal! This does not include any commissions an auction house or buying party may charge to see whiskies. 
  12. When you invest in a whiskey/whisky we send you a Certificate of Ownership that is signed by us and you. Signing this certificate indicates you will abide by our protocols and rules as does joining our club. Please read our protocols below! 

In addition to our awesome perks, please read Member Protocol below once you join. Please note that when you join our VIP members club you also agree to abide by our protocols and rules. 

Click below to join, write your name and email in the notes section with “VIP Club” included in the note! Let’s get investing!

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Note: Membership payments are non refundable once made but you can reach out to us once renewal is upon us every year to discuss your renewal options. Investment acquisitions are non refundable and non transferable 


Additional Details On Member Protocol:

Please read this carefully when you join.

When acquiring whiskies through us you do for investment purposes (we are not a delivery or messenger or gifting service). Please note that we are offering them to you as part of a long term investment plan (at least a year. Often more. we evaluate the timelines regularly).

We cast a wide network across the US (and sometimes worldwide!) to find the whiskies and do extensive research/negotiation on your behalf. This is a time consuming but highly lucrative and rewarding process that we love to be able to provide to you. 

We are not a liquor store and we are not a delivery/messenger or gifting service. We do not keep inventory and cannot deliver whiskies at short notice.  Most of our members prefer for us to store their whiskies. If you would like to store your investments yourself, we would need schedule this in advance at a mutually convenient time (AFTER we have received the whiskies we have ordered for your investment portfolio) where cost of delivery is passed on to the investor/club member. 

We usually advise that you get whiskies through us for investment purposes. If the goal is to gift someone a whiskey or to consume it, we recommend using our “hard to find whiskies” advise service which is available once per quarter mentioned in your perks above in point #6. (You are responsible for purchasing whiskies you want to give as gifts or personal consumption based on our advise tips covered in point #6. Once per quarter).

This is because we are first and foremost an investment club – and are not able to just deliver whiskies at a moment’s notice. This whiskies that we recommend investing in are highly sought after whiskies and take time to acquire, especially when we are making large volume searches for all our VIP members. Note that all purchases made through our network and through our advise are non refundable 

When our members act on the hot investment tips we give them we order these whiskies so it can take several weeks to reach us. Most members ask us to store their investment whiskies because they will need our help selling them in the long term future.

For the ones that ask that their whiskies be delivered to them, we are more than happy to do that. That said, we can only do that once we receive the whiskies that are shipped to us from various resources (US and Worldwide).

It can take several weeks (sometimes months) for them to arrive. Once they arrive, you will receive notification. Until then, we ask that you be patient. If your goal was to gift these purchases on a certain date, we would need to know that prior to your purchase so we can advise you accordingly and ask you to use our gifting tip instead (which is advise only. We don’t acquire those for you).   If you mention your gifting intentions AFTER your purchase we cannot always guarantee that the whiskies will arrive to us by a certain date. In such a case you agree to abide by our protocols and wait for our deliveries to arrive. 

In some cases, provided you tell us upfront that you plan to consume these whiskies, we may advise you to get the whiskies from other sources as we are an investment portfolio creation service (among other perks mentioned above). We are not a gifting service. 

Finally, when you acquire an investment through us, we send you a certificate of ownership which is signed by you and Whiskey Stories. In signing this certificate, you also agree to follow our member protocols and rules! 

With that let’s get investing!

Happy Investing!

Team Whiskey Stories



Payment Options

*Note: Membership rates and investment acquisitions are non refundable and non transferable