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Please pardon our temporary simplistic appearance. While this website URL and all the information below has been the same since 2016, we are in the process of updating the aesthetics of our page via a new designer. We should be up with the new design early 2023.

Established in 2016. We are excited to have you on this journey with us as we design your investment portfolios for you. This is your members page! Please read all carefully.


  • Membership fees are charged monthly or yearly. Yearly has the most savings.
  • We create strategic investment portfolios of whiskey/whisky investments for our members to allow them to delve into the world of whiskey investing and understand the rare form of whiskey investing and how it is different from other forms of investing.
  • After each acquisition a certificate of ownership is sent and signed by the member and our owner
  • Whiskey Stories VIP club is for investment purposes only. This is goal of this club. To learn how to be strategic in investing from Rachna.
  • Any bottles acquired through us via our retail partners are for the sole purpose of investing.
  • All bottles/casks are stored solely by us or our retail partners in our secure UK vault at all times with the understanding that we will go through the process of selling at auction at the optimal time when market conditions are ideal. This is the ultimate goal for this club.
  • These are long term investments and as such need time to appreciate. When you acquire an investment bottle through us you understand these conditions and that we will advise on the right time to sell.
  • We require a 12% commission of an auction sale. This is separate from any commission an auction house charges. Rather than think of how much time has passed since a investment bottle/cask was acquired, we look how a bottle/cask in appreciating. Overall, a bottle/cask investment should be making at least a 20% profit after our commissions and auction house commissions have been taken into account.
  • Members/Ex Members may not ask to collect their investment bottles to keep in their homes/self-storage. We store all bottles/casks/investments securely.
  • We are not a delivery, storage, gifting or concierge service. Please so not acquire bottles from us for the purpose of gifting, self storage or personal collection. We use our extensive database/global partnerships to acquire the most lucrative investments and the best deals for our members and store the bottles until it is time to sell them. This is a delicate, time consuming and intricate process.
  • You can ask us about a particular bottle/cask and if we believe it to be lucrative investment we will look into it and see if it is advisable to add to your portfolio. Please do not ask us to locate a bottle for your personal collection. As mentioned above, we are not a concierge or gifting service.
  • We examine all members portfolios to find out the best time to sell at auction across all portfolios according to ideal market conditions. This needs to be our joint decision and to this end we may decide against a member choosing to liquidate their portfolio if the marked conditions are not ideal, This is to ensure maximum ROI. These are long term investments.
  • In the rare event that you decide to cancel your membership or decide not to renew after it has expired, please note that we will still honor helping sell your bottles/casks at auction when the time is right because that is point of the club and we are part of this journey with you given our negotiation for the best finds and 12% commission. We will still store the bottles/casks until it is time to liquidate an investment.
  • Canceling or deciding not to renew a membership does not mean members can collect on bottle/casks and ask for a delivery so that can store them. These are still investments and have to follow due process. We need to be sure the bottles/casks are in optimal condition at all times and keep track of them.
  • All members are required to book at least one call a year with our owner to understand whiskey investing, how whiskey investing works, to follow Rachna’s strategies and fully engage in the club. This is a very active club and all member proactively book their calls with Rachna to get the most out of it.
  • Booking a call regularly also ensures that members do not forget the above and are up to speed on how to think like a whiskey investor.
  • Booking a call with Rachna regularly also allows to you to look beyond just how much the time has passed since a bottle/cask was acquired but in terms of the right appreciation level that results in a profit, any economy fluctuations, market volatility, pricing landscape and any unforeseen circumstances (e.g. currency devaluation or a global crisis like COVID-19). We spend hours per week understanding all this on your behalf. Booking a call every quarter ensure you understand this process.
  • We only help sell investments you acquire through us. Please do not ask us to help you sell your personal collections at home.
  • When you join, you agree to all of the above terms.

Membership Benefits

  • Quarterly calls with our owner, Rachna Hukmani, to understand how whiskey investing works, market landscape, market sensitivity and the compressive/strategic way of looking at investing. Members are required to book at least one call a year with Rachna to follow Rachna’s strategies and fully engage in the club. This is a very active club and all member proactively book their calls with Rachna
  • Booking a call regularly with Rachna also ensure that you fully understand market conditions and are up to date on how to invest strategically. While we understand we all get busy, it is imperative to book these calls regularly to make the most out of the club.
  • Regular emails on investment recommendations and the type of portfolios an investment is best suited to. (for e.g. if you have a beginner’s portfolio where you have only invested in one or two items we may recommend leaving a specific find for those portfolios that have a strategic direction in their portfolio and are building a series).
  • Upfront understand of the different strategies of investing so members are thinking strategically about their investments rather than acquiring one off bottles/casks.
  • Being a member of our club allows us to combine your portfolio with others so that we can create a comprehensive series which will be lucrative/attractive at auction.
  • Since everyone is able to invest at a different level we find this feature allows us to optimize each auction sale by looking at all the portfolios of our members collectively. This is unique to us. (Note this perk to be able to combine the portfolios is available to active members only).
  • Members are allowed to ask for gifting/buying recommendations twice a year. Note that this is advice only. We do not acquire these for you as we are not a delivery or concierge service or a liquor store. Please do not ask us to locate bottles for your personal collection.
  • Special rates on consultation with our owner for building your own home collection and bar are available upon request. Note this is separate from investment portfolios. More details can be provided via email if this service is of interest.
  • Available to NYC members only: Once a year whiskey safari where you get to visit a major liquor store with our owner to understand how to shop for whiskey/whisky

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