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Whiskey Stories LLC (www.whiskeystories.rocks) is a 5 year old Michelin Guide recommended luxury whiskey tasting multisensory immersive company where premium/high end whiskies are paired with music, comedy, blindfolds (Whiskey In the Dark), gourmet chef food courses, whiskey based colognes and more sensory elements. No two events are alike. We have been featured on Bloomberg News, Forbes, NY Times, Time Out, Elite Daily and more! We are 1200 experiences in and sell out months in advance offering ticketed events, private and corporate experiences!
Our owner/founder, Rachna Hukmani, has been working with whisk(e)y & designing new whiskies for more than a decade, has helped build whiskies like The Macallan Double Cask, Highland Park Magnus, Noble Oak Bourbon and more (liquid & concept creation). Rachna also recently launched first of its kind whiskey based colognes which were featured on Bloomberg News and Forbes.
Rachna has been named the first South Asian woman to open a whiskey company and launch whiskey based colognes. She very carefully curates every item of Whiskey Stories. With a background in whiskey, food, sensory science and storytelling/comedy, Rachna offers a very unique experience.
Of our many perks, we also have a Whiskey Stories VIP Club, where our members get personalized attention from Rachna. Our primary goal in our VIP club is to teach you how to invest in whiskey (a very lucrative investments). Perks of our club also include learning how to become a collector, building a whiskey collection at home, monthly giveaways and more.
Click on Perks of Whiskey Stories VIP Club to find out more, read our testimonials and join for as little as $33/month! (Less than the price of an uber ride!)  Become a whiskey investor now! Start investing now!
Also, check out our company website: www.whiskeystories.rocks to find out more about Whiskey Stories LLC experiences and colognes and who we are!